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Two steps forward one step back…

Bulgaria's parliament is about to decide on the start of an eGovernment agency. One of the responsibilities of the new organisation would be to manage a public repository of all software developed for or by the country's public administrations. It's a giant step and sets a shining example for other countries: Bulgaria is essentially instructing its public administrations to develop their IT solutions as free and open source software.

In a second major move, Italy's Ministry of Defence has begun Europe's largest LibreOffice transition. Last year, OSOR reported that the military is to install the LibreOffice suite of office productivity tools on some 150,000 PC workstations.

Last month, General Camillo Sileo told an Italian IT news site: "There is no doubt that open standards are the best choice for public administrations, in terms of economy and vendor independence. If [the Open Document Format] was adopted across Italian public administrations, there would be a lot of gains in efficiency and costs."

In stark contrast, the Italian province of South Tyrol has decided to drop its LibreOffice migration project. Following the 2013 elections, political support for free software has weakened: the province's open source staff was never given the budget earmarked in earlier plans.

The councillor is signing a contract to use a proprietary cloud office solution. Perhaps she should reconsider: her political opponents worry about the security risks and data privacy risks.

In April, Europe's public administrations were cautioned how the lack of interoperability and portability of such solutions can hinder Europe's Digital Single Market. 'Open source licences should be the norm', recommends European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society Günther Oettinger.


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South Tyrol makes U-turn, drops LibreOffice project.

Bulgaria moves towards open source repository

The government of Italy's South Tyrol province will end its LibreOffice migration project, and instead intends to switch to a proprietary cloud-based office service. The Bulgarian parliament is likely to approve plans to start a repository for software developed by or for the government. The source code store is to be managed by a new organisation, the eGovernment Agency.
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A metadata editor tool for describing resources, mainly geographic information. Development tools for Asturia's eGovermnent services.
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OCS 1.8 EU Survey 1.3.1
This version is especially dedicated to a new feature for remote services. Includes new features and improvements
Open eTrustex 2.2.0 Mocca 1.3.23
Inludes many new feature, fixes and enhancements. Fixes and library updates for Austria's ID card.

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BIRD manages routing at world's largest Internet Exchanges

Danish Municipality of Aarhus aims to free itself from IT vendor lock-in

The open source BIRD is used by the largest Internet Exchange Points in the world. City aims to increase its use of open source software and open standards in order to free itself from IT vendor lock-in.
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Coliberator 2016

Open Source Circular Economy Days

Fundația Ceata's annual conference on Free Software, Free Culture and Free Hardware Design. Experts, enthusiasts and innovators exchange ideas and solutions, prototype systems, products and designs for an open source circular economy.
04 - 05 June, Bucharest, Romania 09 - 13 June various cities across Europe
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Open Source Conference London 2016 06 July, London, UK
Typo3Camp 2016 08 - 10 July, Berlin, Germany
Foss4G 2016 24 - 26 August, Bonn, Germany
LibreCon 2016 22 - 23 November, Bilbao, Spain
Mindtrek 2016 17 - 19 October, Tampere, Finland

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