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Policies and implementations

It's been a busy summer. August brought encouraging signs of progress in both policy-making and in concrete implementations.

In Poland, the government is catching on to the notion that public administrations should own the code developed for them, and that public administrations should be able to share this with others freely. The country's Ministry of Digital Affairs is starting to educate the country's public administrations, and is providing them with clauses for contracts and procurement.

Meanwhile in Lithuania, the police force announced that it had completed the switch to LibreOffice. This open source suite of office productivity tools is now implemented on over 8,000 PC workstations.

Both examples fit a trend. As early as 2013, the European Commission’s ISA Programme showed that all EU Member States had policies that promote sharing and re-use of ICT solutions. Poland's new contract clauses are the next step.

Although apparently Lithuania's police force did not contact their peers at the Gendarmerie in France, nor the Ministry of Defence in Italy, we will make sure they get in touch.


Sharing & Reuse Award


The European Commission will reward software and services that have been proven to be shared and reused in the public sector and which have a potential for wider reuse in Europe.

The EC will award EUR 15,000 and EUR 10,000 to the two most-proven IT solutions reused by each of the four levels of public administration: cross-border, national, regional and local.

Contenders for the ‘Sharing & Reuse Award’ can register their project here. The contest is open until 28 October 2016 and the prizes will be announced in March 2017.


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