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Future benefits

In October, the European Commission's Open Source Observatory unveiled that the Emilia-Romagna region will end its use of OpenOffice, and move to a cloud-based proprietary office solution.

The motives are unclear - the IT department and the region’s councillor for the Digital Agenda have so far not responded to our questions. What we know, from sources close to the IT department, is that the region considered moving to LibreOffice - an advanced version (fork) of OpenOffice. It also tested the interoperability of LibreOffice with the proprietary cloud office solution.

Public administrations that equate the 'free' in 'free software' with low cost, might be missing the bigger picture. Using open source software lets public administrations use their operational expenditure to create future benefits for all. It is free as in freedom, like the 'public' in public administration.

One of the best and most recent examples of a public administration that is making these future benefits part of its public responsibility is Nantes Métropole, France’s 6th largest city. Last month, we reported how the city's move to LibreOffice is lowering costs - a good incentive for any public administration. Yet, Nantes is emphasising that it is using part of these savings to improve the software, for itself and for others.


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