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Portal modernisation makes contributing easier

A screenshot from a promotion video on the upcoming version of the Joinup platform

We are pleased to announce the overhaul of the Joinup collaborative platform for eGovernment professionals. Early next year, we will switch to a modern, mobile-friendly version.

The main goal of the upgrade is to make it easier for our users to add content.

This in turn, should empower users to work with colleagues to create digital government solutions, to share best practices, and to stay up to date on developments. The new and improved Joinup will allow users to set up pages that aggregate content to suit their needs.

We are also taking the opportunity to refresh the look and feel of the platform - the new, simpler interface makes it much easier to use.

We're excited to be using some of the latest open source technologies: the core of the new platform is the Drupal 8 content management system. We're adding advanced semantic capabilities, combining our own Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) with a Virtuoso semantic query database.

We hope that you will appreciate the improvements to the site. As alwasy, we look forward to your comments and feedback.


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DSS is now provided under the CEF programme

Latest eGov Benchmark decries lack of decisiveness

Starting from DSS 4.3.0, support will be provided under the CEF programme. There is a lack of decisiveness in digitising public services and organisations.
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Why viral licensing is a ghost EUPL
The distinction between weak and strong copyleft.  
A Data Model to Support the Publishing of Legislation as Linked Open Data SEMIC
A pilot involving Greece, Italy and the ISA programme.  
Germany to create an open education portal ePractice
EUR 1.2 million for a portal to aggregate open educational resources.  
EU eGovernment factsheet updated NIFO
A suite of 35 factsheets covering eGovernment in Europe.  
Poland presents government modernisation plan ePractice
80% of transactions involving public administrations should be electronic.  
Slovakia to fully automate the publication of open data OpenGov
Process to be part of all government information processing systems.  
eIDAS Sample Implementation v1.0 CEF
Reference implementation of eIDAS technical specifications.  
Understanding Linked Data by example SEMIC
How to identify and establish links between data.  
Public review of German municipal eGovernment manual ePractice
Until 30 November, a website will allow readers to comment on the document.  
Lithuanian police switched to LibreOffice OSOR
Office productivity tools implemented on over 8000 workstations.  
European Parliament increases budget for EU-Fossa EU-FOSSA
Next phase is part of the EU 2017 budget agreed by the European Parliament.  

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Supporting eGovernment at regional and local level.

OGP Global Summit 2016: Paris

To help implement the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020. Bringing together the community of state reformers worldwide.
15 November, Brussels, Belgium 07- 09 December, Paris, France
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IT Gipfel - IT Summit 2016 16 - 17 November, Saarbrücken, Germany
Paris Open Source Summit 16 - 17 November, Paris. France
DigiGov 29 - 30 November, Stockholm, Sweden
ICT in Public Administration 2016 (IJU 2016) 05 - 06 December, Ljubjana, Slovenia
17th European Conference on Digital Government 15 - 16 June, Lisbon, Portugal


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Finnish Open Data Programme eliminates obstacles to data reuse

How France worked with civil society to create its Action Plan

The goal is to achieve data re-use as extensively and quickly as possible. Government used public consultations to collect ideas from citizens and organisations.
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Open ePlatform OSOR
Open ePlatform is an open platform for building digital municipal services  
Soldi Pubblici increases Italy's fiscal transparency and accountability ePractice
Portal provides the details of all spending by Italian public bodies  
Italy facilitates access to public data through portals NIFO
#Data4all facilitates access to Italy's open data  
Entrada OSOR
A Big Data platform for Internet domain registries, by the Dutch registry  
Sweden’s Health Innovation Platform helps others develop solutions ePractice
Contribute to Sweden's 'Mina VårdKontakter' e-health platform  
Finnish Open Data Programme eliminates obstacles to data reuse eNIFO
Finnish Ministry of Finance wants more data to be more open  
Molenwaard: the world's first digital municipality ePractice
Practically all municipal affairs are handled digitally  

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European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

OPM² - Open Project Management Methodology

Profile ETPIS is an open cross ETP initiative focusing on industrial safety. PM² is a light and easy to implement methodology.
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EU Survey Futurium
Multilingual online system for surveys and consultations Create policymaking and data gathering platforms
eDelivery SAT ARCHI ADMS-AP export
Template tool for the EIRA Export Archi architecture blocks

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