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An open source policy for the Open Government Partnership

The USA and three EU Member states - Bulgaria, France and the United Kingdom - have pledged to support the open source policy, which, in November, they helped draft for the Open Government Partnership (OGP):

"Open source software contributes to fostering transparency and collaboration. Source code is at the heart of digital and technical innovation. It is the primary means to providing high quality digital services. Partners joining will seek to promote transparency and accountability of open source code and algorithms they develop and use, wherever possible and appropriate. Partners joining will seek to design and implement them in non-discriminatory manners, and work towards maximising the benefits of government code sharing and reuse."

With their endorsements, and that of the city of Austin (USA) the policy became an official part of the ‘Paris Declaration’, the outcome of the 4th Global Summit which took place from 7 to 9 December in the French capital. On 9 December, the Region of Western Macedonia Greece added its name, providing even more support. We're proud to announce that this week, the European Commission's Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) has contributed its support statement.




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Multi-language petition management tool. Publish statistical data in various formats.
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Citadel on the Move Supervizor
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Gironde (Bordeaux)'s online archiving service

Open ePlatform

An open partnershoip deliveres an eArchiving service. Open ePlatform is an open platform for building digital municipal services.
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Floss Spring 2017

A free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate The UK’s primary support organisation for Free/Libre Open Source Systems (FLOSS)
04 - 05 February, Brussels, Belgium 14 - 16 March, Manchester, UK
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Chemnitz Linux Days 2017 11 - 12 March, Chemnitz, Germany
DjangoCon 2017 03 - 07 April, Firenze, Italy
OSCAL 2017 13 - 14 May, Tirana, Albania
Recontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 01 - 07 July, Saint-Etienne, France

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