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Positive Externalities

Seeing is believing. IT staff members at a Dutch government data centre are busy helping colleagues - in the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic - to implement the combination of OpenStack (for managing virtualised machines) and CEPH (for handling storage). These open source solutions are proving enormously scalable while keeping costs low, and the IT specialists are impressed by the software quality.

The other data centres benefit from the expertise of their Dutch colleagues - and it is an excellent example of the positive externalities of open source in addition to lower costs, increased flexibility and scalability.

Open source even offers an alternative for public administrations that are looking to improve their ICT project management, shows Denmark's OS2 community. Now representing 57 of Denmark’s 98 municipalities, this fast-growing community specifies, develops and governs ICT solutions by municipalities and for municipalities. Working closely with a group of 44 ICT service providers, OS2 favours smaller ICT development cycles, avoids IT vendor lock-in and fosters sharing and reuse. They're not just splitting the bill, the municipalities are also building better solutions - John Nash would have smiled.

Such examples should encourage other public administrations to internalise open source's positive externalities. OSOR looks forward to nudging them on.


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