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Public Sector Information Technology

The economic importance of open source technology, including government IT, is now widely recognised. In addition to its role in fuelling innovation and economic creativity, by embracing open source software, governments make their processes transparent, accountable and more efficient.

In recent weeks, OSOR showcased two prime examples of this. In Italy, the Ministry of Defence is sharing the eLearning course that it developed together with LibreItalia, the Italian promoters of LibreOffice.

First, the course itself is provided via the LibreItalia website. Second, the ministry is sharing the source material, getting LibreItalia to publish it on the GitHub repository.

In Greenland, the government is having its next generation public records system built using open source technology. Furthermore, the government and the ICT service provider have agreed that any additional code and components will be shared publicly.

Both public administrations are increasing the potential of their IT investments. Both projects promote sharing and reuse by other public administrations, benefitting the wider economy, creating local jobs and a healthy competitive market.

More public sector bodies should have this mind-set, and follow their approach to unlocking their IT resources.


Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017


The Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017 will bring together representatives from public administrations: policy and decision makers, legal professionals, IT managers, and procurers. Private sector IT developers providing IT solutions for public administration will also be represented.

The conference, organised by the European Commission's ISA² Programme, will take place on 29 March in Lisbon.

At the conference, ISA² will also announce the winners of the Sharing and Reuse Awards contest. The ceremony will see in total EUR 100,000 awarded to public administrations that have shared their IT solutions and whose solutions have a potential for wider reuse in Europe.


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OSCAL 2017

Floss Spring 2017

Albania's international free and open source tech conference The UK’s primary conference on Free/Libre Open Source
13- 14 May, Tirana, Albania 14 - 16 March, Manchester, UK
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Open Source Days 17 - 18 March, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017 29 March, Lisbon, Portugal
DjangoCon 2017 03 - 07 April, Firenze, Italy
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