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Sharing and reuse ‘a government paradigm shift'


Sharing and reuse of IT solutions should become the default for the EU’s public administrations. Encouraging public administrations to increase the reusability and interoperability of their IT solutions is one of the focal points of the Digital Single Market Strategy by the European Commission.

The Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017 brought together over 200 representatives of public administrations from 26 countries. Representatives of the European Commission, OECD, Portugal, Spain, Norway and other Member States presented their strategies to encourage public administrations to make their IT solutions available to others.

At the conference, the EC awarded a total of EUR 100,000 to 9 public administrations whose shared IT solutions have a potential for wider reuse in Europe. Another 8 projects received Certificates of Excellence. The 17 winning projects had been selected out of a total of 118 applications. All of the award winners now have a huge responsibility to become ambassadors for sharing and reuse.

The complete list of winners


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Open source is mission critical for Europe’s air traffic

German states adopt open source-based security checks system

It is entirely possible to use open source in a highly regulated environment such as air traffic control. Five German states are using OSiP, a system for performing security checks for staff access to sensitive areas.
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France: How a high school association finally obtained a source code [France]
Czech Finance Ministry app boosts open data, source [Czech Republic]
Switch to open source model turns costs into R&D [Europe]
German states adopt open source-based security checks system [Germany]
Regional Austrian energy agency uses Liferay for its corporate portal [Austria]
Investigative journalists: "Government lock-in by Microsoft is alarming" [Europe]
UK GDS looking for architects with open source expertise [United Kingdom]
OFE welcomes continued emphasis on openness in EIF [Europe]
Two tender announcements: lock-in vs. moving freely [Europe]
New version of ODF Toolkit released [Europe]
Portugal building new services on national interoperability platforms [Portugal]
UNESCO add support to INRIA’s Software Heritage [Europe]
German City of Göppingen builds on open source software [Germany]
France renews SILL reference list of free software [France]
German Federal Police uses Pentaho for daily statistics [Germany]
Dortmund’s use of Linux servers increasing [Germany]
Study: ‘Dutch government should mimic US’ [Netherlands]
EC study recommends that policies emphasise open source [Europe]
Giessen Public Works using open source for energy supply [Germany]

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Apply electronic signatures, using the XAdES standard, compliant with the eIDAS regulation. Sketchup plugin providing a graphical interface for environmental indicators.
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EU Survey Imio iA Solutions
Now offers the possibility to deploy on multiple servers. Imio's local administration modules
Create PDF signatures cf Austria's standard Austria's PDF signature standard

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French ministries to build an open archiving platform

Gironde (Bordeaux)'s online archiving service

Three French government ministries have pooled resources to build a digital archiving software to secure and maintain digital documents. An open partnership delivers an eArchiving service.
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OSCAL 2017

Floss Spring 2017

Albania's international free and open source tech conference The UK’s primary conference on Free/Libre Open Source
13- 14 May, Tirana, Albania 14 - 16 March, Manchester, UK
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OpenExpo 01 June, Madrid, Spain
Recontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 01 - 07 July, Saint-Etienne, France
Mindtrek 2017 20 - 21 September, Tampere, Finland
Open Source Summit 2017 06 - 07 December, Paris, France

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