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Digital transformations

The majority (75%) of municipalities in the Walloon region of Belgium are now using open source software and services, OSOR reports. These shared services improve management and lower costs.

Choosing to use these very low-cost services is a bottom-up proces.

With most of the public administrations using the same ICT platform - based on open standards and open source software - it is becoming easier to connect with the systems of the Walloon government. This is going to change the top-down processes, says Joël Lambillotte, Director at IMIO, an ICT cooperative for public administrations that provides the open source-based shared services. He expects the open source-based shared services to continue to grow.

Another digital transformation is taking place in Italy. In March, the government started ‘Developers Italia’ a digital government transformation team and software development community focusing on open source software development.

The developers are to start working on Italy’s new eID system (SPID), the national citizens registration system (ANPR) and the open data portal,

If the project is succesful, other key IT infrastructure software developments will surely follow. At the very least, it will compete with the country's ongoing eGovernment development projects. Or, echoing the country’s Agency for the Digitalisation of the Public Sector (AGID), this will a new phase of digitisation and innovation.


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The majority (75%) of municipalities in the Walloon region of Belgium are now using open source software and services. Italy started ‘Developers Italia’ a digital government transformation team and software development community focusing on open source software development.
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For digital signing of documents, using the XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (Xades) XML extensions. Developed by the municipalities of Trento, Rovereto and Bologna, the provinces of Bologna and Savona and the Galliera Hospital in Genoa. Increasingly popular data visualisation application developed by the Czech Ministry of Finance.
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EU Survey Imio iA Solutions
Now offers the possibility to deploy on multiple servers. Imio's local administration modules
Create PDF signatures cf Austria's standard Austria's PDF signature standard


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French ministries to build an open archiving platform

Gironde (Bordeaux)'s online archiving service

Three French government ministries have pooled resources to build a digital archiving software to secure and maintain digital documents. An open partnership delivers an eArchiving service.
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Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

This annual conference on free and open source, economy, open data and innovation, brings together nearly 3000 IT professionals. France's largest free software conference, better known by its French acronym RMLL.
01 June, Madrid, Spain 01 - 07 July, Sainte-Etienne, France
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Open Source CRM conference 01 June, Warsaw, Poland
FrosCon 2017 19 - 20 August, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Mindtrek 2017 20 - 21 September, Tampere, Finland
Open Source Summit 2017 06 - 07 December, Paris, France


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