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Side Effect

For public services, sharing and reuse of IT solution should become the default approach, the European Commission asserts in The Sharing and Reuse Framework for IT Solutions, published last November.

The EC hopes that this policy document will become part of the toolbox of all public services, to help lower organisational barriers, overcome legal obstacles, and - our emphasis - change to business models that allow sharing and reuse.

This summer, that last argument was expanded on by ESOP, a business association for Portuguese ICT companies specialising in open source software services. Asked by the Open Source Observatory (OSOR) to comment on the country's new ICT Strategy 2020, ESOP put forward that such a policy can help build an independent European software industry.

This is actually a concomitant that is regularly hightlighted by OSOR. In 2015, for example, we reported on a presentation by Didier Tranchier, then Professor of Innovation Management at Institut Mines-Telecom, a research institute. Mr Tranchier said there is a direct link between the government’s free software policies and the rapid growth of open source firms.

For public services deciding on their approach to ICT, OSOR argues, growth of an independent, European open source sector is a valuable side effect.


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Vitalinux - Aragon’s school Linux distribution

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Open Source Lisbon

LibreOffice Conference 2017

Portugal's largest free software conference The annual gathering of the LibreOffice developers, adopters, end-users and supporters
28 September, Lisbon, Portugal 11 - 13 October, Rome, Italy
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Mindtrek 2017 20 - 21 September, Tampere, Finland
ODF Plugfest 2017 10- 11 October, Rome, Italy
DinaCon 20 October, Bern, Switzerland
OpenFest 2017 04 - 05 November, Sofia, Bulgaria
SFSCon 2017 10 November, Bozen, Italy
Open Source Summit 2017 06 - 07 December, Paris, France

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