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Forum list: overview

What is a forum?

A forum is a communication tool that community and project members can use to create forum topics and comment on them. Any member of a community or project can create a forum topic or comment on a forum topic. The community facilitator has the authority to remove inappropriate forum topics and comments.

What is displayed on the ‘forum’ page?

This page displays a list of pre-defined forums (that is the same for each community or project). For each of these forums, the following is displayed:

  • the number of topics;
  • the number of posts; and
  • a description of the latest post.

Can I change the pre-defined structure?

Every community has the same pre-defined structure, which cannot be changed. The following forums exist:

  • Help and support
  • Implementation and practices
  • Known issues
  • Off-topics posts
  • Open discussions

Within each forum, community or project members can create and comment on forum topics.

How to view the forum topics list?

  1. Click on the predefined forum for which you want to see detailed forum topics list;
  2. Click on "view all" to display all topics for each of the predefined forums.

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