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Eurostat\'s Business Cycle Clock (BCC) is a client-based application product to visualise business cycles by analysing time series of financial and economic statistical data. The BCC is one of the outcomes of Eurostat\'s X-DIS project financed by IDABC (Now ISA). The Business Cycle Clock (BCC) of Eurostat is a graphical interface for displaying developments of economic key indicators for Europe as a whole as well as for each single European country. It helps users in their understanding of economic up and down swings, and of the evolution in time and across countries. It is a visual aid as well as a portal towards European key statistics through its direct links to these statistics. The BCC covers a wide field of economic indicators, such as GDP, consumption, investment, exports and imports, (un-)employment, Economic Sentiment, industrial production, industrial new orders, inflation, labour costs, producers prices, production in construction, deflated retail sales. Each of these indicators has been re-calculated in order to reveal more clearly their multi-yearly cyclical development. Short-term increases and decreases due to, for instance, seasonality have been removed from the series. The BCC is built using open source technologies and is a client-based application which runs entirely within the Internet browser. The graphical display is Flash based. For the data input holding the time series of the indicators, an XML format is used. The back-end of the BCC system is also compatible with SDMX.


The BCC combines both graph and selection pane into a one page interface including an animation control below the graph for watching economic evolution in a dynamic fashion. Each indicator is represented by its own graphical symbol, and by doing a mouse-over on the symbol, the title of the indicator is highlighted within the graph. In April 2009 Eurostat introduced a new version of the BCC with several new functionalities. The main improvements are: • Comparison of a maximum of 6 countries at once. • Switch indicators/countries: besides a graph displaying all selected indicators for a single country, it is also possible to display a graph showing all selected countries for a single indicator. • The number of countries and indicators simultaneously shown in the same graph is extended and the user can also define the color setting for the graphical elements. • The size of the graph can be enlarged by clicking on the icon. • The graph can be printed icon. • The graphical animation can be downloaded for running it off-line, i.e. without a connection to the Internet.

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