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WollMux is an extension developed by the Municipality of Munich as part of the LiMux project ( It provides a multitude of functionalities which aid the employees of the City of Munich in their every-day work with Office templates. WollMux provides easy access to the most important templates and is able to automatically personalize documents e.g. with sender data. It simplifies the filling in of forms and features letterhead generation, advanced form functionality such as plausibility checks and computed data, special printing functions that deal with requirements of a public administration, and much more.


An excerpt of a few WollMux key features.   Letter head system:
  • automatically include user data in letters
  • writing as another person (secretariat function)
  • comply with corporate identity
Form system:
  • automated generation of input forms based on document templates
  • compute form field values from user input and insert them into the document
Text module system:
  • assemble documents from seperate text modules
Printing functions:
  • automated generation and printing of different document versions for different addressees

Future plans

We focus on constantly improving the WollMux and its usability. New features are added every release. Just watch this space.

Get involved

If you want to participate or learn more about the WollMux please check out our website at The website contains information on how to subscribe to our mailing lists and how to access our source code repository.

Public administration reference

WollMux is developed by the Municipality of Munich.

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