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GR: University of Athens offers freely-available software inventory for people with disabilities

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The University of Athens maintains a free online assistive technology (AT) software inventory - including OS software - aimed at informing persons with disabilities on the available solutions.

A website provided by the Speech and Accessibility Group of the University's Department of Informatics contains freeware and proprietary software that is customised to offer accessibility support for disabled people. It thus meets the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) AAA-level guidelines to maximise accessibility for such users.

This AT software has been tested and approved by the Speech and Accessibility Laboratory at the University of Athens based on usability and reliability criteria. A standard brief description is given for each software which includes the most useful information, such as: application name; developer; version; Assistive Technology (AT) category(ies); related disability(ies); description; operating system(s); installation procedure; settings and hints; download links; and a screenshot.

Users are able to browse the AT software inventory's applications either by disability (speech; hearing; motor; blindness; low vision) or by type of AT software category (voice recognition; screen daisy reader; calculator; mouse cursor; click helper; virtual keyboard; camera mouse; alternative communication; text-to-speech; screen magnifier; Braille translator; web browser; mouse emulator; contrast adjustment; keyboard shortcuts; voice mail; clock; video call).

AT software can also be used by the elderly, special needs schools, as well as by speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy workshops.

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