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Core Location Vocabulary

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Translations of Core Location Vocabulary

Translations of a piece of content are managed with translation sets. Each translation set has one source post and any number of translations in any of the enabled languages. All translations are tracked to be up to date or outdated based on whether the source post was modified significantly.

Bosniann/aNot translated
Bulgariann/aNot translated
Cajun Frenchn/aNot translated
Croatiann/aNot translated
Czechn/aNot translated
Danishn/aNot translated
Dutchn/aNot translated
English (source)Core Location VocabularyPublished
Estoniann/aNot translated
Finnishn/aNot translated
Frenchn/aNot translated
Germann/aNot translated
Greekn/aNot translated
Hungariann/aNot translated
Icelandicn/aNot translated
Icelandicn/aNot translated
Irishn/aNot translated
Italiann/aNot translated
Latviann/aNot translated
Lithuaniann/aNot translated
Macedoniann/aNot translated
Maltesen/aNot translated
Norwegiann/aNot translated
Othern/aNot translated
Polishn/aNot translated
Portuguesen/aNot translated
Portuguesen/aNot translated
Romaniann/aNot translated
Serbiann/aNot translated
Sign Languagen/aNot translated
Slovakn/aNot translated
Sloveniann/aNot translated
Spanishn/aNot translated
Swahilin/aNot translated
Swedishn/aNot translated
Turkishn/aNot translated