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W3C publishes two specifications initiated by the ISA Programme

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Today, the Government Linked Data Working Group (GLD WG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published two vocabularies initiated under Action 1.1 of the ISA Programme on its technical reference space: the Registered Organization Vocabulary (RegOrg) and the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS).


The Registered Organization Vocabulary (RegOrg) is a specialisation of the Organization Ontology for describing organizations that have gained legal entity status through a formal registration process, typically in a national or regional register. RegOrg was first developed and published by the European Commission ISA Programme with support from Directorate General Internal Market and Services (DG MARKT) as the Core Business Vocabulary. Further development and review has been undertaken by the Government Linked Data Working Group (GLD WG).


The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMSis an application profile of DCAT, used to describe semantic assets (or just 'Assets'), defined as highly reusable metadata (e.g. xml schemata, generic data models) and reference data (e.g. code lists, taxonomies, dictionaries, vocabularies) that are used for eGovernment system development. The original development of ADMS was carried out under the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA Programme) of the European Commission (EC). Contributors included representatives of Member States of the European Union, operators of national repositories, standardization bodies and independent experts whose work was published in April 2012. This version of ADMS builds on that work in a broader, global context. It also includes some changes to the original version made as a result of implementation experience, particularly on the European Commission's Joinup Platform .

The adoption of ADMS and RegOrg is a major milestone towards the adoption and sustainability of both vocabularies.


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Andre Torkveen
Posted by Andre Torkveen on June 02, 2013 at 14:40

Great news! (…I posted a note about this over at Twitter → )