INSPIRE Synonyms - CSV files

This dataset is part of the ELISE action study "using synonyms to improve the discovery of spatial data resources", result of applying the suggested methodology by using the synonymous Finder tool to collect synonyms and related terms.

The Synonym finder tool creates a dataset in CSV format that reflects the table visible in the interface. This table can be reloaded in the interface, and after loading, the user can continue working on it. The second dataset is in RDF format only contains the ‘end result’: where relevant links between INSPIRE registry entities and related concepts in other resources, and preserved alternative terms for the INSPIRE concepts. For each of the three use cases, noise, agriculture and water, two CSV files and an RDF file are provided.

  • The CSV files ‘*_final_all.csv’ contains the complete information as shown in the Synonyms finder.
  • The file ‘*_final_select.csv’ only contains the rows accepted by the user.

The rows ‘subject-predicate – object’ contain the main results of each processing step. When a process starts, the object from the start row becomes the subject of the result. The predicate and new object are results from the process.

More information on the tool and its CSV structure can be found on Joinup