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ADMS.F/OSS is a metadata vocabulary to describe free and open-source software (F/OSS) assets, making it possible to more easily explore, find, and link software assets on the Web. The specification aims at maximally reusing existing specifications, such as DOAPADMS, and the Trove software map (Trove © SourceForge 2012 CC by).


  • This release was open for public comments until June 2 2012. Members of the public were invited to download the specification and share their public review by posting comments to the forum.
  • All issues are discussed in the Working Group Meeting of 2012.06.05.

Getting started

A good way to review the usability of the specification is by describing a software project, asset, and distribution using the spreadsheet template created for this purpose.

The process and methodology followed in the development of ADMS.F/OSS is set out in detail in the document “Process and Methodology for Developing Core Vocabularies”. Further background is available in the studies "Vision for an enhanced software description metadata schema and software catalogue for e-Government” and “Report on existing Software Forges”  which offers an overview and context for the work. 

About RADion 

The common elements of ADMS, ADMS.F/OSS and DCAT are combined in RADion. The work of RADion and ADMS will be continued by the W3C Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group. The following placeholders for the namespace documents are forseen:


The following files contain the model of the ADMS.F/OSS Vocabulary.

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Vocabulary terms at glance

The conceptual model presented below is independent of any technology that may be used to represent it. It shows the various concept types with their relationships.

Asset Description Metadata Schema for software (ADMS.F/OSS) UML Class Diagram