CEN BII Architecture

6 years ago

It describes the methodology applied by the Workshop and documents generic topics relevant to all phases of the procurement process




CWA 1234:2015 BII Architecture


CWA Specifications and guidelines
CWA1234-101 Conformance and Customization Methodology guideline
CWA1234-102 Code List and Identifier Management specification
CWA1234-103 Business Document Header and Envelope guideline
CWA1234-104 Profile Architecture specification
CWA1234-105 Conformance Registry specification
CWA1234-106 Open Procurement Data report
CWA1234-107 Use of Message Level Response
CWA1234-108 Use of Digital Signature
CWA1234-109 The Concept of Core
CWA1234-110 Profile maintenance Process specification
CWA1234-111 Gathering of Business Requirement specification
CWA1234-112 Syntax Implementation Guideline Methodology
CWA1234-113 Business Rules Description Mechanism guideline
CWA1234-114 Attachment Handling guideline
CWA1234-115 Semantic Data Type guideline
CWA1234-116 BII Glossary


Transactions information Requirement models Syntax binding
  Business Document Header and Envelope CWA1234-203  
Trdm071 Message Level Response