CEN BII Catalogue

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This section includes processes and messages to support the provision of catalogues both in the pre-and post-award phases of public procurement and how to use existing e-Procurement standards to implement them.


CWA 4567:2015 BII Catalogue profiles and transactions

CWA 4567:2015 part 401 Classification Systems Guideline

CWA 4567:2015 part 402 Pre-award Catalogue Guideline

CWA 4567 e-Catalogue UBL

CWA 4567 UN/CEFACT syntax implementation guides

CWA 4567 e-Catalogue UBL syntax implementation guides


CWA Profiles Transactions Syntax binding
CWA4567-102 BII02 Catalogue Update Trdm020 Catalogue Item Update CWA4567-203 CWA4567-303
Trdm021 Catalogue Price Update CWA4567-204 CWA4567-304
Trdm059 Catalogue Update Response CWA4567-210 n/a
CWA4567-103 BII16 Catalogue Deletion Trdm022 Catalogue Deletion Request CWA4567-205 CWA4567-305
Trdm023 Catalogue Deletion Confirmation CWA4567-206 n/a
CWA4567-104 BII17 Multi-party Trdm018 Catalogue Request CWA4567-202 CWA4567-302
Trdm054 Multi-Party Catalogue CWA4567-211 CWA4567-306
Trdm055 Catalogue Request Rejection CWA4567-207 n/a
CWA4567-105 BII33 Catalogue Subscription Trdm072 Catalogue Subscription Request CWA4567-208 n/a
Trdm073 Catalogue Subscription Response CWA4567-209 n/a
CWA4567-106 BII44 Catalogue Only Without Response Trdm019 Catalogue CWA4567-201 CWA4567-301


CWA Specifications and guidelines
CWA4567-401 Guideline on the Usage of Classification Systems
CWA4567-402 Guideline on Pre-award Catalogues