Cipa e-Delivery 2.2.3

4 years ago

This page will no longer be updated as CIPA e-Delivery has become CEF eDelivery. To download the latest sample implementation and learn more about CEF eDelivery please visit us at CEF Digital Portal . For more information contact us at  

The CEF Digital Portal is the home of the CEF building blocks (eDelivery, eID, eInvoicing, eSignature and eTranslation). It is the one-stop-shop for information about the building blocks. The portal provides access to tools, services and software that can be used in any European project to facilitate the delivery of digital public services across borders.

Special announcement for eID users: starting with the eIDAS-node v1.1eID will release all future versions of the eIDAS sample implementation on the CEF Digital Portal, issues with this and all future releases will be managed via the CEF Digital Portal.

Special announcement for eSignature users: eSignature's latest release of the DSS (v4.7 RC1) has been published on both JoinUp and the CEF Digital Portal, issues are handled via the DSS JIRA. All future releases and issue management will be available through the CEF Digital portal.

Special announcement for Trusted List Schema Operators: The current version of the TLManager (v5.0.1) has been published on both JoinUp and the CEF Digital Portal, issues with these releases will be managed via the TLM JIRA. All future releases and issue management will be available through the CEF Digital portal.


With version 2.2.3 the Cipa e-Delivery components make a big step forward towards compliance with the e-SENS Large Scale Pilot specification. The project's component suite has been enriched with the Domibus AS4 gateway that is being developed in straight collaboration with the e-SENS and e-Codex Large Scale Pilots. This new release also includes an new version of the CIPA dispatcher component that has been enhanced to support the AS4 protocol. The dispatcher adds SMP/SML discovery feature to AS2 and AS4 gateways and enable multi protocol support for our Access Point.

Service Metadata Locator

The main new feature of the SML is the support of DNSEC to secure the access to DNS service linked to the Service Metadata Locator.

Service Metadata Publisher

Ther are no new features for this component in this release but only bug fixes. Details can be found in the release notes

Access Point

New features of this release mostly concern the Access Point component. As stated previously the Domibus AS4 open source gateway was added to the CIPA e-Delivery component suite. The dispatcher and our Access Point distribution were upgraded to provide support for AS4, thanks to the integration of the Domibus software, in addition to the already supported AS2 protocol.

Please note that as the busdox START protocol is being phased out , support for it has been removed from our Multi-protocol Access Point distribustion. Source Code and binaries for the cipa start access point are still available on the project svn and maven repository.

  • Domibus 1.4.1 source code is available in the project svn repository and the binary distribution of the software can be found in the Joinup Nexus. If you want to set up a standalone AS4 access point without dynamic discovery feature, you can download the  following package containing a preconfigured tomcat instance and an installation guide.
  • A preconfigured Access Point supporting AS2 and AS4 protocol including installation guide can be downloaded from the distribution section of this release package.