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Despatch advice message (DESADV) to be used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners involved in administration, commerce and transport


1.     SCOPE


1.1    Functional definition


       A message specifying details for goods despatched or ready for

       despatch under agreed conditions.


       The United Nations Despatch Advice Message serves both as a

       specification for Delivery Despatch Advice and also as a

       Returns Despatch Advice message. Throughout this document, the

       reference to 'Despatch Advice' may be interpreted as conveying

       the wider meaning of 'Delivery Despatch Advice/Returns Despatch



1.2    Field of application


       The Despatch advice message may be used for both national and

       international applications. It is based on universal practice

       related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not

       dependent on the type of business or industry.


1.3    Principles


       The message intent is to advise of the detailed contents of a



       The message relates to one seller and one buyer or their

       respective agents.


       The message relates to a single despatch point and single or

       multiple destination points. It may cover a number of different

       items or packages.


       It allows the recipient to:


        - know when the material has been despatched or will be ready

       for despatch


        - have the precise details of the consignment


        - take initial steps towards Customs clearance in the case of

       international consignments


       - enable matching between despatched goods and the following