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ePassport PKI

Latest release
7 years ago

PrimeKey Solutions AB delivers a complete set of EAC PKI features. These
PrimeKey offerings meet the requirements of the BAC/EAC ePassport PKI
and of the EU common certificate policy for EAC infrastructure.


PrimeKey’s EJBCA PKI implements Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA), Country
Verifying CA (CVCA) and Document Verifier (DV). Compliant with the ICAO 9303 and EAC
1.11 specifications, EJBCA PKI has full support for both RSA and ECC algorithms.
EJBCA uses role-based access control and supports multiple authorizations for adminis-
trative tasks and separation of duties. CRL and OCSP for CSCA revocation information
are supported.


Download EJBCA Community, including all features for implementing a CSCA, or an eID CA at: