EPVNET is based on the following technology: PostgreSQL, Apache2, PHP5, HTML5, AJAX, Dojo Toolkit, client-server model, web application, intranet, specialized ERP.

The software caters to a variety of stakeholders such as business managers, application users, developers, end users and infrastructure operators.   

  • Economy: the total cost of ownership (TCO) would be nonexistent, being developed and maintained by officials working for the institution.
  • Sustainability: Using software developed and maintained by the institution itself ensure their sustainability over time.
  • Security: The source code would only be available to the Administration and not third parties.
  • Independence: By having ownership and total control of the software, all decisions affecting their evolution and development solely depend on the administration itself and not by third parties.
  • Interoperability: Information regarding an inmate could be shared by other prisons in the event that the prisoner had to be taken there.

The information is stored in real time, in each department and at the time it originates, being available for consumption by the organization based on the profiles and roles assigned to users.

It integrates all the information that the management of a prison need in a single web application. Users do not need to enter different applications to access the information that each of them manages.

The solution is being used today in several prisons in Spain.

The application could be maintained by a volunteer group of developers.