Futurium is a drupal based toolbox that lets you create and manage engagement communities for policymaking and foresight, that are:
  • Open to everyone's participation
  • Consultative rather than deliberative
  • Combining aspirations with evidence
  • Experimental, low cost/risk ("no regrets")
  • Flexible, but also structured with evidence support


The toolbox is designed to get out of your way, and let you design a (viral) engagement process with a lot of variables:
  • Political
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Content
  • Technical
  Under the ISA programme, the Futurium has these objectives:
  • Generalise the process and the data model
  • Consolidate the platform's core and advanced features
  • Make it available via JoinUp

You can use the toolbox on your drupal website, or ask for a new community on the europa instance, ec.europa.eu/futurium :

  • avoid duplication/mushrooming of platforms
  • share features/data
  • share experiences/best practices/lesson learnt
  • scale to the whole Commission



You can download and build the futurium from our repo:

You can use the demo as a starting point to customise your platform. The build depends on a featureset common to both the ISA distribution and the FPFIS MULTISITE distribution, and will download and activate it during the installation process: