A toolkit for creating evidence based engagement platforms, that can be used for policymaking and data gathering.


Every engagement activity that is created with the toolkit can be seen as a website for collecting and sharing the views and experiences of everyone interested in a particular topic, but also for conversations and dialogue. Contributions, examples and evidence are as concrete and concise as possible.


The toolkit allows the creation of criteria with which users may score the contributions, and evidence with which the creators can support their proposals/reports.


The discussions stemming from the engagement, all the comments, all the votes and opinions, as well as the links with evidence can be extracted through data analysis services.


You can see activities by several DGs and agencies going on on the instance that we use in the European institutions: https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/


You can download and use the toolkit, a drupal-based open source package currently tested on drupal version 7.