joinup 1.2.0p1 1.2.0p1

7 years ago

This release is improving and correcting 33 different issues (15 bugs, 18 improvement).

The main issues for each categories are listed below.


  • The results of the download survey are not used
  • Project - the message "No people using this project" is in some cases incorrect
  • Cannot manage subscription to a project
  • Access denied to "more help" on "user management page"
  • Joinup: Admin Contents Awaiting Moderation - Joinup Automatic Federation
  • Several anomalies in the Joinup homepage
  • The Joinup home page has a wee (really tiny) load issue that messes up the news ticker on the bottom left
  • Editor's choice not clickable
  • Joinup: Double header is displayed for newsletter
  • "Upcoming events" widget is not correctly displayed on the front page
  • Editor's choice links are not clickable using Chrome in the front page
  • line breaking no longer available when uploading content
  • Within a project file names should be unique per release


  • No possibility to report spam
  • Improve the metrics over the platform
  • Remove the workflow on modification of a project
  • Add a "Release Manager" role in the project content type
  • Avoid sending notifications when a new topic is created within the "Mailing Lists" forums
  • When loging in on Joinup, leave the user on the current location
  • Reduce the amount of required fields for creating an event on Joinup
  • Remove author names from content on front page
  • Dead link to SVN folder
  • Clearly distinguish between assets and software projects for the 'Download now!'-button
  • The contact form contains now new categories (technical problems/bug reporting, questions on usage, feature requests, questions on legal issues, other)