joinup 1.3.0 1.3.0

7 years ago

This release is improving and correcting 45 different issues (6 new features, 17 bugs, 22 improvement).

New Features

  • Provide a way to have project members sign documents (More information to Create a legal document or Sign a legal document )
  • Commenting on a broader range of content type (documents, wiki pages)
  • Creation of community and project events
  • Support hosting of static web pages for projects
  • Presentation as a new e_library type


  • Rich text editor: ability to easily embed images inside wiki pages
  • Improved navigation for multi-page lists (Page Selector)
  • Using the back button should not reset the search results or catalogue page number
  • Improved privacy settings by adding more categories
  • Provide a unique couontry taxonomy
  • Include envent-specific logo in the banner (Support event logos in the banner)
  • Source (URL) should not be a mandatory field for the documents, news and events
  • Provide sensible defaults for filtering and sorting
  • Improved informational text messages
  • Provide a small infobox visible on every page to announce downtimes
  • Improved notifications settings
  • Improvement D4.FR11 - When deleting content input validatio should not be required
    • Users should be able to control their notification settings via the messages that are sent.
    • The default send interval for notifications should be changed from "Instantaneous notification" to "Daily".
    • Sending notifications for new or updated content should also be enabled by default.
  • Modification of the support for components and packages for the releases
  • Improved of the file management
  • Modification of the title of Case studies page
  • Modification of the case studies functioning
  • Moderation: Banned list for federated forges
  • Removal of the button "Create a Task"
  • Improvement of the HTML-editor
  • Add short accompanying texts to clarify how particular features are used
  • Virtual Forges creation procedure


  • Unable to open:
  • Security: Input format has no XSS protection filter.
  • Validity of the XHTML markup
  • Creating an image currently craches all web browsers in Mac OS 10.7
  • Unvalidated news (in fact, spam, that I deleted yesterday morning) shows up a day and a half later in RSS feed
  • Moderation: Empty email notifications: Approval request for item updated
  • Bad message when trying to download a semantic asset
  • Removed documents can still be downloaded
  • Users receive buggy message with field codes inside the message
  • Case studies are still not publicly accessible
  • Invalid template on Online Help page
  • SQL error
  • Joinup: Subscription emails have http links
  • The release manager cannot modify a release
  • Search widget page is inaccessible
  • It is not possible to use a dash in a mailing list name

The source of Joinup is available on the subversion of Joinup for the tag 1.3