joinup 1.4.4 1.4.4

5 years ago

This release includes:


  • Improvements in the 'federated repository' page:
    • The list of asset releases will be by default "unfolded"
    • Addition of a button with direct link to the facetted search from the repository page
    • When hovering over the text of "Additional Information" or "Included assets" it will be clear to the user that he can unfold it
  • An user can report abuse. It has been included a new category in the contact form "Report an abuse"; and it has been added links in the web (comments, forum entries and next to community news items). These links go to the contact form with this category selected.


  • Download counter of the asset releases
  • The default sort in asset releases page now is by 'publication date' (descending)
  • The rating present on the homepage of Joinup is the same as the one found on the page of the link.
  • Only the publication date will be displayed on top of editor’s choice items.
  • Project downloads counter
  • The list of communities on the page are sorted on "Date".
  • Small fixes about texts regarding the 'Create Federated Repository' form.
  • Control the creation of nameless users.
  • Repository metadata is missing for anonymous user.


And the source code of the release is available in the SVN repository: