Joinup 1.43.0

4 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-4751: Adapt Joinup to run with Docker.
  • ISAICP-4845: Custom pages can be created within solutions.
  • ISAICP-4955: New option to disable related solutions.
  • ISAICP-4512: Update path aliases during deployoment.
  • ISAICP-4027: Provide clean URLs for distributions.
  • ISAICP-4883: The collection owner should transfer the ownership before leaving.


  • ISAICP-4989, ISAICP-5005: Project dependencies were updated.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4826: The custom page query preset reports non-compliant LUCENE syntax.
  • ISAICP-4950: Fix the style of the Tool-tip when the contextual link is selected.
  • ISAICP-4995: Error on RDF entity export.
  • ISAICP-5052: Fix the virtuoso cleanup target.
  • ISAICP-4993: Missing news item that has been published in Production.


  • ISAICP-4991: 1st phase of splitting RDF Entity module.