joinup 1.6

5 years ago


Joinup has changed its structure to follow the new ADMS Application Profile (Asset Description Metadata Schema).

Its main objective is to extend the use of ADMS-AP for the description of other types of Interoperability Solutions. This means that Joinup becomes a Catalogue of Interoperability Solutions, instead of a Catalogue of Semantic Assets and Software.

As a consequence of this change, this release contains the functional specifications and source code of Joinup v1.6, with the following new features:

  • Improvement of the site's design, by changing its structure, not the look and field.
  • Improvement of the main menu by matching the Semantic Assets and Software in the same section. The new section is named “Interoperability Solutions” and it includes:
    • Catalogue: collection of all Interoperability solutions. It can be searched by solution category type (Framework, Service or Tool), languages or Keyword.
    • Federated repositories: online collections of interoperability solutions maintained by public administrations, businesses and standardisation organisations.
    • Projects:  collection of software projects.
  • Import: import of ADMS-AP conform description metadata about semantic interoperability assets.
  • Export: export of Interoperability Solutions to ADMS-AP conform description metadata.
  • Validation service:
    • It validates before saving, that the RDF/XML file imported from Repositories is structured as ADMS-AP.
    • The process can be done manually in the repository view.

Other improvements not related to ADMS-AP

  • Improvement of HTML editor by:
    • Possibility to insert media-content
    • Change the font-colour of the text
    • Possibility to delete tables
    • Different table borders design
    • Modify spacing between text-elements
    • Divide the text over multiple columns
    • Attach files
  • Improvement to the “Propose your” button, which involves a popup that will allow the user to select the type of project.
  • Improvement to the “Share this on” button.
  • Use of the Named Authority List (NAL) of the Publication Office as controlled vocabulary for countries, languages and file types.
  • Improvement of the search functionality in order to apply the new structure.
  • Update of the left sub-menus of Joinup to horizontal. So, it enlarges the space available for the displaying content and includes a banner to promote the catalogue.

Left sub-menus of a project and community is re-positioned and simplified by group all highlight into one single section. The same for the communication sections.

  • Improvement in “Interoperability Solution” page:
    • It includes all mandatory, recommended and optional fields in the main page. Other metadata is accessible via ‘Additional information’ button.
    • Better grouping of the fields by solution category, interoperability level and solution type filters.
  • Improvement in “Catalogue” of Interoperability solutions page:
    • Using of simple search and filter by different types of interoperability solutions.
    • Left sub-menu is changed in a vertical way to enlarge the screan.
    • A new revolving banner that promotes the catalogue of solutions.


  • Improvement to the handling of the uploaded documents:
    • A new organization of how documents attached to content is saved, will fix potential problems with overlapping filenames. It is now possible for multiple users to upload documents that coincidentally have the same name.
    • When a node is deleted or modified, the file associated is not deleted if the previous revision is using the file. A file is deleted when the node with all its revisions is deleted.