MOA-ID 3.4.1

10 months ago

Modules for Online Applications (MOA) are a set of software tools which provide implementation and integration support for the functions and procedures mandated by the Austrian e-Government strategy. The MOA components within this project provided the support for functions such as creation and verification of electronic signatures, and identification and authentication of citizens in online procedures.

MOA-ID is used for identification.
Updated Features

  • Changes
    • Security-Fix - Struts2 (CVE-2018-11776)
    • Update some textual desciptions in moa-id-configuration   
  • Bug fixes
    • Solve problem in Monitoring Servlet that tests connection to statistic database
    • Solve dependency problem if statistic log is deactivated
    • Solve possible NullPointerException in SL2.0 authentication module
    • Update logmessage in case of wrong encoded foreign-bPK decryption keys

Release package ""

SHA1 checksum: b71fb1beb2f5a86c641cf5460c7362ec4b3415b1

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Additional information

Additional information on integration of the centrial national eIDAS-Connector into existing service providers and online applications are located here.