The new OCS version 1.7.0 primarily addresses changes required by the amended Annex III of Regulation (EU) No 211/2011:

1 - The data requirements for signatories have been simplified for the following countries:

      - Latvia: The name at birth as well as the date and place of birth have been removed.
      - Malta: A residence document (Dokument ta 'residenza) has been added to the list of personal identification numbers/document numbers that can be indicated by signatories.
      - Sweden: The date and place of birth have been removed.

2 - The privacy statement has been updated to specify that the personal data of the signatories is provided to the organisers of the proposed initiative.

The IT tools, and in particular the Security Tool, have been adapted to the amendment of the Annexes, including fixing of minor translation issues. The Security Tool supports the export of statement of support forms in their previous and new versions. "