OCS 2.1.5

1 month ago

Two small improvements/features are brought with this release:

1. The first one relates to be a better user experience for the citizen entering his date of birth. If he does not enter the right format better guidance will be provided to him to spot the issue.

2. The second ones relates to the possibility to add parameters when calling your collection system from another website (e.g. your campaign website) by pre-selecting the language and the form by adding ?lg=yy&form=zz at the end of the url of your OCS.for example if you use https://<youronlinecollectionsystemmainurl>/public/?lg=de&form=be this will preselect the language in German for the country Belgium for your collection system.


Please note that the documentation and DB scripts of the 2.1.4 are applying to this release

Please find below the list of ISO codes for the languages and the form:


OCS-ISO languages table

Code / language

cs            Czech

da           Danish

de           German

et            Estonian

el            Greek

en           English

es           Spanish

fr             French

it             Italian

lv             Latvian

lt             Lithuanian

ga           Gaelic

hu           Hungarian

mt          Maltese

nl            Dutch

pl            Polish

pt            Portuguese

ro            Romanian

sk            Slovak

sl             Slovenian

fi             Finnish

sv            Swedish

bg           Bulgarian

hr            Croatian

OCS-ISO member states table

Code / member state

pl            Poland

de           Germany

uk           United kingdom

fr             France

be           Belgium

ro            Romania

at            Austria

lv             Latvia

bg           Bulgaria

cy            Cyprus

lt             Lithuania

lu            Luxemboug

mt          Malta

nl            Netherlands                                      

pt            Portugal

sk            Slovakia

si             Slovenia

cz            Chechia

dk           Denmark

ee           Estonia

fi             Finland

el            Greece

es           Spain

hu           Hungary

ie            Ireland

se           Sweden

it             Italy

hr            Croatia