Validation Tool VTECI 1.3.0 - Spring 2014

9 years ago

VTECI 1.4 is the latest release of the Validation Tool. For detailed info go to the tab Interoperability Solutions.


User interface has been reworked to improve readability and consistency between menus names, labels, windows headers, tabs, prompt box titles and button names. Several menus and buttons have been rearranged according to user rights and roles, others have been removed.

A number of new features have been implemented:

  • Workflow Management.
  • Delete Initiative, delete collection and delete statement of support.
  • GUI for the administration of SoS fields.
  • GUI for the administration of data entry validation rules.
  • Overall application performance improved.
  • Find duplicates – display all identical SoS.
  • Order and Filter functionality in Collection and Samples details screens.
  • Submission date validation rule added.
  • Unique registration Number rule.
  • Merge import online and paper steps.