VTECI 1.4.0

7 years ago


The User interface has been simplified and is more intuitive. The new menu (left column) regroups the main actions which are now aligned to the workflow. Views have been reorganized to improve readability and consistency between labels, headers, tabs, prompt box titles and button names. The process has been simplified. Texts explaining the major steps of the process have been inserted in the views. More details and figures are provided to the user to give him a better understanding of the state of the process.


New features and improvements:

  • Application reorganized according to a new menu and process simplification.
  • Automated import of Online SoS files produced by OCS.
  • More explicit app management and progress report.
  • Centralized encoding of main initiative parameters into the information page.
  • Overall application performance improved.
  • Same look and feel for process related to Online and Paper SoS.
  • Same look and feel for managing the complete set of data or samples.
  • Intermediate steps and windows removed thanks to an improved process organisation.
  • Test environment accessible through the web.