Website@School Manuals (English) 0.75 0.75

6 years ago

Website@School Manuals (English) release 0.75 (2013-07-11).

Highlights in this release

This release contains the current snapshot version of the English manual. Here is the checksum:

How to install

You can install the manual as follows.

  • Download the .zip-file containing the manual.
  • Unpack the downloaded file in CMS Root Folder (if you have already installed Website@School)
  • Point your browser at 'program/manual.php'.

Alternatively, you can unpack the downloaded file in the current directory and simply start reading at program/manuals/en/index.html (English).

Note that the manual is very much still work in progress. However, this version is based on Website@School release 0.90.5 (2013-07-11).