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eSafe Building Block

The eSafe Building Block has the intention to support the integration of existing national eSafe solutions into the process of application requests in order to support the eService Directive. The modules do not substitute or provide (core) eSafe functionality but they provide the document exchange between a Point of Single Contact (PSC) and an eSafe. The modules were developed in SPOCS following the specification which was also developed in Work Package 3 (WP3).

For a better understanding, it is recommended to gain an understanding of the underlying process, which was defined and agreed among the partners and piloting countries in SPOCS. The process is described within the section Getting started.

For a detailed understanding of the modules functionality the section Specification provides the necessary information. Within the specification the whole SPOCS process with the viewpoint of the eSafe modules is described in detail.

Based on this specification the eSafe Document Exchange Protocol modules were developed. Since the document exchange takes place always between two communication partners (PSC and eSafe), the necessity of modules on both sides is given. In order to enable an efficient integration, the modules provide a plain Java API for integration but offer also an integration with web services. The latter ones are especially necessary if there are heterogeneous infrastructures and/or technologies.

The modules were developed based on the structure of an onion. The core functionality of each module component (PSC or eSafe) is the same, since the exchange of documents should be able by using the same (mirrored) functionalities based on the selection of the appropriate role. Therefore this core functionality is integrated within the eSafe and PSC modules with the Java API. The modules for PSC and eSafe offering web service interfaces on the other hand are integrating the Java API modules again. With this architecture it is guaranteed to make use the most reusable source by reducing the error rate at the same time.

On top of the modules mentioned WP3 provides also two Demo Portals (one PSC and one for eSafe), which enable the visualization of the modules functionality. They also provide an reference integration of the modules as an example for the integration into existing national implementations.
Last but not least there is also a .NET wrapper implementation for the eSafe module, demonstrating the integration into the .NET based eSafe portal (as for interoperability issues).
The details regarding the modules and Demo Portals are provided in the section Architecture.

Once there is an understanding of the modules and the architecture for the national integration is defined also (which includes the requirements in order to choose the necessary module(s)), the sections Installation and Configuration provide the steps and actions for integrating the modules into the nationals infrastructure.

Including all major chapters mentioned above, the following list summarizes the contents of all sections provided in this Starter Kit:

  • Getting started - Overview about how to use the eSafe Building Block
  • Specification - Overview about the eSafe Document Exchange protocol specification
  • Architecture - Overview about the architecture and interface definition
  • Installation - Overview about the installation
  • Configuration - Overview about the configuration
  • Download - Download area for the modules, specification and further related documents
  • License - Information about the license
  • FAQ - FAQs
  • Roadmap - Overview about future developments
  • Contact - Contact details


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