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CIPA e-Delivery

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This page will no longer be updated as CIPA e-Delivery has become CEF eDelivery. To download the latest sample implementation and learn more about CEF eDelivery please visit us at CEF Digital Portal . For more information contact us at


What is CIPA?

The objective of CIPA is to provide a generic solution for public administrations to exchange documents in a secure and reliable way.

What is CIPA e-Delivery?

CIPA e-Delivery aims at creating a document exchange network. Participants have access to this network through gateways, which communicate with each other using a standard protocol. In order to put this network in place CIPA e-Delivery provides the following components:

  • Access Points, gateways which ensure a standard and solid transport mechanism to exchange different types of documents across different communities or countries
  • Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs), which contain the exact location and the capabilities of participants (like the Phone Directory)
  • Service Metadata Locator (SML), Central component that links the participants to their SMP (the directory of directories)

See how those components work together:

The e-Delivery infrastructure was initially developed as part of the PEPPOL Large Scale Pilot project. The specifications used are document-type neutral and can be re-used in every domain.

The CIPA e-Delivery solution is in line with the specifications of the CEF eDelivery and the eSENS eDelivery building blocks.


  • Use of security and reliability standards like WS-Security, XML Electronic Signatures, X.509 certificates
  • Discovery capabilities using the SMP and SML components
  • DNS-based endpoint discovery mechanism 
  • Support of the PEPPOL AS2 transport protocol and the PEPPOL Business Message Envelope (SBDH) - find more information in the OpenPEPPOL Migration Policy
  • Support of EBMS3.0/AS4 protocol trough the Domibus gateway developped in collaboration with eSENS and e-CODEX Large Scale Pilots

Future plans

  • Support for additional features that will come from the e-SENS L.S.P. such as :
    • Implementation of Busdox DBXL specification
    • Support for ETSI REM evidences
The team is currently working on the roadmap of the components for the coming years. More information will be available soon.

Get involved

If you want to participate please register at the project website. We are looking forward to have you on board.   Contact our team:

Public administration reference

CIPA e-Delivery is supported by the ISA programme of the European Commission.

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