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Adds the ability for use a 3D view inside gvSIG. Allows the use of all supported layers of gvSIG including elevation layers. It supports the creation of 3D geocentric and projected terrains and the interactive navigation.


- New document called 3D View. - New object 3D layer type. - 3D navigation tools - Force north orientation. - Zoom to layer or zoom All. - Interactive layer transparency control. - 3D Advanced Symbology including 3D objects as a symbol. - Support for Extrusion legend. - Advanced visualization tools (Stereoscopy and FullScreen Option) - Selection and Info by point support.

Future plans

- Integrate with gvsig-2.0. - Add interactive 3D edition. - Support for Multiresolution vectorial layers (Authomatic and dynamic visualization of different level of detail based on geographical attributes)

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Public administration reference

This project is financed by the Generalitat Valenciana, Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transportes

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