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MOA-ZS (Module für Online Applications - Electronic Delivery) is the official open source module in Austria for certified electronic mail. It is a middleware, which can be used by senders to ease the access to the Austrian document delivery system (DDS), the official Austrian certified mail system. The software is used by austrian government entities and private companies to send documents through the Austrian document delivery system (DDS).

MOA ZS can be used by senders as a single interface to the delivery system. It carries out a series of individual steps on its own, hidden from the user, that is necessary for the electronic transmission of tasks in a lawful and verifiable way.


The main task of MOA-ZS is to bundle the following complex tasks into one single interface:
  • Addressing of recipient(s) by querying the central lookup service (CLS)
  • Optional signing of documents
  • Optional encryption of the MIME container on the transport layer (if the recipient has defined an X.509 encryption certificate)
  • Delivery of (encrypted) message to the delivery agent of choice
  • Processing of incoming evidences
The focus is on easiness by using a simple configuration und automatically delegating complex tasks to dedicated submodules.   MOA-ZS can be accessed using the simple object access protocol (SOAP) over HTTP with a Webservice API. The MOA-ZS protocol itself is based on a well-defined XML structure holding the following information:
  • Metadata: like e-mail headers, metadata describe the content of the delivery. It includes the sender's and recipient's identification data, metadata about attachments, document IDs, scope of delivery (public or private sector delivery), etc
  • Attachments: attachments are the main content of a delivery, e.g. official notifications by means of a PDF document
With dual delivery, MOA ZS is responsible for communicating with the delivery agent, evaluating the method of delivery, encrypting the content of the electronic document (if required) and sending documents to a printing facility or an electronic delivery service. The confirmation of receipt from the delivery service to the authority is also sent back through the module's web services. The module saves application developers time and effort by implementing important basic steps in the electronic delivery procedure and thereby contributes to a rapid and cost-effective proliferation of electronic delivery.

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