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Open e-TrustEx

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Open e-TrustEx is an open-source platform offered to Public Administrations at European, national and regional level to set up secure exchange of digital structured and unstructured documents from system to system via standardised interfaces.

It allows Public Administrations to replace paper documents or files stored on DVDs and CDs by system-to-system exchange of information, using a technologically advanced platform.

What are the benefits?

e-TrustEx helps Public Administrations to:

  • Switch from expensive registered post to large scale digital exchange of information. This will lead to cost savings and reduced time-to-market.
  • Digitise and secure the exchange of information between themselves and with other stakeholders across Europe. This will increase the efficiency of business processes and their transparency.
  • Re-use and share lessons learnt, specifications, tools and components. This will contribute to additional cost savings and increased efficiency.

How are Public Administrations using e-TrustEx?

e-TrustEx is being used in several policy domains by Public Administrations. Sector-specific modules and a cross-sector module (Toolbox) are available for re-use:

Open e-PRIOR: This module offers e-Procurement business services enabling the European Commission and Member States to exchange procurement documents in digital format with their Suppliers.

Toolbox: This is the default module of e-TrustEx offering a set of cross-sector services re-usable in any policy domain



The interfaces of Open e-TrustEx are based on the core components defined by UN/CEFACT. e-TrustEx can easily be extended to any policy domain. It is composed of 3 elements: Technological platform: e-TrustEx offers a set of basic pre-processing capabilities such as schema validation and business rules validation, routing according to specific criteria, orchestration of information exchanges, rendering of information to human readable format and archiving. Services platform: e-TrustEx offers a set of capabilities and services common to all policy domains such as submission of XML files, large binary files, bundles, inbox, querying, rendering … Modules: e-TrustEx offers a set of sector-specific modules in policy areas such as Procurement and Legislative support. These modules can be deployed in a dedicated or common runtime environment, and they can be easily connected to other applications through well-defined guidelines of e-TrustEx.

Future plans

In the next release of e-TrustEx, important architectural rework will include several enhancements such as simplification in configuration and integration, as well as decoupling of domain specific development. A stable release with these enhancements is foreseen for Q3 2013.

Get involved

Where to start?
  • Read documentation about Open e-TrustEx
  • Download the e-TrustEx brochure from the e-Library
  • Download the latest version of Open e-TrustEx
Contact our dedicated e-PRIOR team
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  • By e-mail:

Public administration reference

Open e-TrustEx is supported by the ISA programme of the European Commission.

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