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OurSpace - The Virtual Youth Space

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OurSpace is an attractive tool that uses social networking and Web 2.0 features to encourage young people to share ideas and engage in discussions about issues that affect their everyday life. It is based on the idea that the active involvement of youth in the European and National decision making processes informs policy-makers to elaborate better policies.


OurSpace is an open source, easy-to-use tool, designed to support anyone who needs to consult with large groups of young people, regardless of nationality or language boundaries. 


The OurSpace tools include:
  • Youth e-Participation Platform bridging the debate gab between the young people and those with the power to make decisions
  • Android App offering access to OurSpace on-the-go
  • Facebook App offering the same functionality as the OurSpace platform
  • Guidance documents assisting adopters through the process of establishing a running instance of the platform

Future plans

Encourage officials from the EC/ EP and National Administrations to access and re-use the OurSpace outcomes.

Get involved

OurSpace is a flexible tool that allows public institutions to use its tools in the way that best suits their work. It offers a unique insight on young people’s attitudes towards public policy and facilitates real and meaningful interaction between them and decision-makers.

Public administration reference

National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government, Greece: "Ourspace is an amazing tool for crowd-sourcing the opinion of citizens and get real time feedback before drafting regulations".   National Parliament for Children and Youth, Czech Republic: “Through OurSpace we can raise awareness about issues that affect the everyday life of young people. We can make their voice heard across the country and the entire European Union. OurSpace helped us to better and more efficiently communicate with the Ministry of Education.”   British Youth Council, United Kingdom