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Open-Source Software

Develop, share, and reuse open source software for public administrations.

Open source software services on Joinup

Joinup  supports and encourages the collaborative development and re-use of publicly-financed, free, libre and open source software applications developments for use in European public administrations. It is a platform for exchanging information, experiences and software code.

It also promotes and links to the work of national repositories, encouraging the emergence of a pan-European federation of open source software repositories.

To this end, Joinup  provides a number of services to support public administrations in finding, choosing, developing and sharing feedback on open source software. While much information is available to all users, please kindly note, that some of our services below require you to register in order to take full benefit of them. 


Get in contact with users with a similar interest in open source software:


Share information and learn about open source software in public administrations via:

  • News and events: read and contribute your own news items and events about open source software across Europe.
  • Newsletter: subscribe to our periodic newsletter on open source software. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters by editing your settings in “My Page”.
  • Open source case studies and guidelines: consult case studies and expert guidelines related to the usage of open source software by public administrations.


Find and reuse open source software developed on the platform and the federated forges via:

  • Find software: find re-usable open source applications that are hosted by Joinup  or other, national repositories around Europe (federated forges).
  • Search Widget: embed our Search Widget in your own website, allowing your visitors to search for projects hosted either by Joinup or one of the federated repositories.


Develop open source software via:

  • Project hosting: propose your open source software project to be hosted on the Joinup platform. The platform Moderator will evaluate whether it abides the 10 principles for open source software.
  • Virtual Forge: a Virtual Forge is a website that provides a view on a set of open source software projects hosted on Joinup, but with a customised look and feel and a separate domain name. It allows providing a branded open source software development environment by reusing the infrastructure of the Joinup platform. You can propose your own Virtual Forge, the platform Moderator will verify whether it abides the 10 principles for virtual forges.
  • Version control (SVN): keep track of the contributions (commits) of developers to the source code repository (subversion).  An SVN repository is automatically created once we accept your project;
  • Issue tracker: keep track of issues filed by developers and users.
  • Release management: upload a new release of your software and keep track of users who download it.
  • Documents: upload and share documents within your open souce software project.
  • Forum: discuss both with the user and development community.
  • Wiki: create and edit wiki pages within your project.
  • Metrics: inform users and developers about the level of activity in your project performed.
  • Mailing lists: create one or multiple mailing lists to communicate with your developer community.

A Search Widget

Dear All,

The Joinup team has developed a widget, that can be included in your website, allowing your visitors to search for projects hosted either by Joinup. The search results are displayed in English, in a new window. 

How can I implement it?

The widget is composed of 3 different parts which are:

  1. The HTML page
  2. The css file which is entirely customizable (please just leave the Joinup logo)
  3. The java script which passes the parameters of the search.

In order to make the widget work on your website please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Place the files somewhere in the Document Root of your web server.
  3. Include the html code, which you can find in the zip file, in your website
  4. Change the css path, the javascript path and the Joinup logo path as per your configuration.