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The Re3gistry is a reusable open source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in INSPIRE, or for content in any other sector. ARE3NA is currently working with software users and Member States to make improvements and create a federation of registries for use in multiple information systems.


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Work package 6 “Registers



Authoritative reference codes need to be provided in an open and consistent way so that they can be readily reused in information systems. These can be seen as key ‘semantic assets’ that enable data interoperability by clearly referring to concepts. Lists that provide unique identifiers for such items, together with the items’ descriptions, are referred to as registers, and the systems and software that support the management of registers are known as registries.

An online tool, the INSPIRE registry service, was needed to share such the codes in INSPIRE’s reference registers and make these assets available for not only information systems but also any sector to view and reuse as core material for data covered in the INSPIRE Directive’s thematic annexes.

The solution powering the INSPIRE tool, the re3gistry, licensed under the EUPL,  has been developed in a context neutral way as an open source project, so that it can be deployed or further developed for any sector wanting to have authentic reference data/codes made available for information systems and human users.

Nowadays, ARE3NA is still improving the software and in parallel, it is supporting the study and the implementation of the “Federation of registries”, another missing item in the software market. This feature will allow registering extensions and other externally governed references codes so that they can be traced and reused by a bigger audience.


  1. Software releases
  2. Software documentation
  3. Re3gistry leaflet
  4. Re3gistry roadmap
  5. Register federation study - D.2 Final Report


  • Description    The Re3gistry is an open source solution to help managing and sharing ‘reference codes’. The software has been developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre within the ISA programme through the ARE3NA project.
  • Needs             The usefulness of the reference codes depends on proper management. Shared codes cannot change or simply disappear over time – all versions of a code need to be traceable and properly documented.
  • Features
    • CSV data import with consistency checking
    • Highly flexible and customizable
    • Supported formats: HTML, XML, JSON, RDF, Atom, CSV
    • Formats that can be easily customised or new formats added through transformation files
    • An underlying model for register items that can also be easily customised
    • Support for multi-lingual content
    • Support for versioning
    • RESTful API with content negotiation
    • Free-text search
    • Support for web service deployment
    • Highly performant access to register content
    • Integration with ECAS authentication
  • Typical intended audience  Public administrations, businesses and citizens regularly exchange data across borders and sectors using reference codes.
  • How to reuse the solution  The re3gistry software is licensed under the EUPL. You can download it for from the JoinUp repository or if you wish to try it first, play with our live demo instance.
  • Standards used in the solution The solution has been developed following the Standard ISO 19135 ¨ Procedures for item registration¨.
  • Contribution of the solution to a policy The Re3gistry software, the underlying system behind the INSPIRE registry service, is currently handling 7 registries with more than 5000 reference codes in 23 languages and served in 7 different formats.
  To know the new features that will be supported in the next releases check out the Re3gistry Roadmap.

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