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ReGenesees System

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ReGenesees (R evolved Generalised software for sampling estimates and errors in surveys) is an R-based, full-fledged software system for design-based and model-assisted analysis of complex sample surveys. ReGenesees has a clear-cut two-layer architecture: the application layer of the system is embedded into an R package named itself ReGenesees. A second R package, called ReGenesees.GUI, implements the presentation layer of the system. Both packages can be run under Windows, Mac, as well as under most of the Unix-like operating systems. While the ReGenesees.GUI package requires the ReGenesees package, the latter can be used also without the GUI on its top. Thus the statistical functions of the system will always be accessible by users interacting with R through the traditional command-line interface. On the contrary, less experienced R users will take advantage from the user-friendly mouse-click GUI.

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