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SavaPage Open Print Portal

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SavaPage is an Open Source Print Portal that uses Open Standards and Commodity Hardware for Secure Pull-Printing, Pay-Per-Print, Delegated Print, Job Ticketing, Auditing and PDF Creation.

SavaPage is implemented as Print Server on GNU/Linux. Any workstation or device can print to SavaPage:

  • Devices supporting Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) or IP Printing (JetDirect), like Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux workstations, can print to SavaPage.
  • Mac OS X and iOS devices can use AirPrint®.
  • Android and Chrome OS devices can use Google Cloud Print.
  • Any device can use Web Print and Mail Print to print.

Printed pages are shown in the SavaPage Web Application. Print jobs are accumulated in a single personal preview, where they can be manipulated and pruned, before storing or routing them as PDF document.

In the Web App, documents are routed to a “real” printer, optionally via intermediate Job Tickets, with Common Printing Dialogs of server-side installed printers (proxy printers). This makes SavaPage the Central Print Portal where documents to be printed are acquired and routed.

Pay-per-Print functions charge printing costs to individuals, groups, or shared accounts. With Delegated Print authorized users can print on behalf of other users.

SavaPage Web App is optimized for desktop as well as mobile browsers. This opens up many useful scenario's. For instance, a user can walk up to a printer and send a print job on the spot, by pushing a button on his smartphone. With a special Web App, administrators on the go can easily monitor the system on their tablet.

SavaPage turns printing into a unified experience, abstracted from platform specifics. It is the logical stopover where users are guided through sustainable print scenario's that help reduce overall printing costs.



  • One SavaPage Printer Driver
    • Generic PostScript Driver print from Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.
    • Secure Internet Print.
  • Mobile Print
    • Google Cloud Print from Android and Chrome OS.
    • AirPrint® from iOS (iPad, iPhone).
  • Driverless Printing
    • Web Print and Mail Print to print from any device.
  • Follow-me Printing
    • Release Terminals
    • NFC Authentication
  • Web Apps for Desktops and Mobile Devices
    • Easy authentication
      • Username/Password, ID/PIN and NFC Card authentication.
      • LDAP (Active Directory) Integration.
      • Raspberry Pi Network Card Reader.
    • User Web App
      • Real-time print preview with Browse, Sort and Delete options.
      • Server-side Proxy Printing (no local drivers needed).
      • PDF Download or Email of accumulated print jobs.
      • Multi-page Letterheads.
      • Option to remove graphics from PDF and proxy print output.
      • Innovative Eco Print to reduce ink and toner cost.
      • Delegated Print for delegates to proxy print for other users and groups.
      • Job Ticket Print for voluminous proxy print jobs.
    • Admin Web App
      • Comprehensive Web App to configure the SavaPage environment.
    • Multi-language support.
    • Customizable Web Interface.
    • SSL Encryption.
  • SavaPage Financial
    • Pay-per-Print
    • Vouchers
    • Online Payments (credit cards, bank accounts, Bitcoin).
    • Point-of-Sale Web App
  • Tooling and Tuning
    • Command-Line Interface to server methods.
    • Web Services API.
    • Third party Database support.
  • Third Party Integration
    • External Print Suppliers (Smartschool).
    • Third Party Print Management Systems (PaperCut).
  • Comprehensive Documentation
    • User Manual in PDF, EPUB and HTML format.

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