BRegDCAT-AP v.1.02

Specification BRegDCAT-AP v.1.02

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Last update: 04/05/2020

Version 1.02 of the BRegDCAT-AP specification.

This version is the evolution of the 1.01 (aligned with SGD/TOOP), and including the feedback by Mr. Jianhua Yang. The main changes are related to the compatibility with DCAT-AP-2:

  • Class Media type or extent (dct:MediaTypeOrExtent) is now changed to Media type (dct:MediaType)

  • Changed cardinality of accessURL (Domain Distribution) to [1..n]

  • Alignment of UML diagram with the specification. All the classes now included, but not all linked to simplify readability.

  • Corrected the usage note of the dimension (qb:dimension) adding some examples.

  • Names of classes described in the controlled vocabularies now are normalised according to the rest of the specification.

  • The controlled vocabularies section now includes a more concrete text to express they are required.

  • Multiple cardinalities in optional properties in CatalogRecord.

  • The cardinality of qb:componentRequired is [0..1] now.

  • dcat:Dataset has two different identifiers (the main one: dcterms:identifier, and another identifier: adms:identifier) to be compatible with both and DCAT-AP and CPSV-AP.

  • The cardinality of dcat:compressFormat (domain Distribution) is [0..1].

  • dct:identifier [0..n] of LegalResource is now recommended, and the dct:relation with other resources is optional.

  • A Rule could be of multiple types (dct:type) [0..n].

  • Added a clarification text for the Registry Catalogue represented as a dcat:Catalog, but it is also considered a cv:Output.  A footnote with more information was added to avoid confusion: "An instance of Registry Catalogue is considered to be also a cv:Output since it is the range of the property cpsv:produces." It is not mandatory to describe a catalogue as cv:Output explicitly (it is inferred since is the range of the property).


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