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About ADMS revision

The ISA² programme of the European Commission is starting an activity to review and revise the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), based on experience gained with the ADMS Application Profile for Joinup. The intention is that an improved version of the Joinup Application Profile will replace both aforementioned specifications.

For the purpose of drafting the revised version of ADMS, we are contacting a small group of main stakeholders to gather issues and suggestions concerning the current version of the specification. Makx Dekkers has been appointed editor of the revision of ADMS.

First draft of the ADMS-AP revision is available here. 

The revision on the ADMS has finished in April 2016. The ADMS version 2.0, resulted from the revision, is available here.

About ADMS

The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a vocabulary to describe interoperability assets making it possible for ICT developers to explore and search for interoperability assets. 

ADMS allows public administrations, businesses, standardisation bodies and academia to:

  • describe semantic assets in a common way so that they can be seamlessly cross-queried and discovered by ICT developers  from a single access point, such as Joinup;

  • search, identify, retrieve, compare semantic assets to be reused avoiding duplication and expensive design work through a single point of access;

  • keep their own system for documenting and storing semantic assets;

  • improve indexing and visibility of their own assets;

  • link semantic assets to one another in cross-border and cross-sector settings.

To know more about ADMS, plesase visit the website: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/page/adms

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