About Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS)

ADMS version 2 is available here

Note: The ADMS-AP Importer of Joinup is not updated yet to import solutions described using ADMS-AP v2.0. Therefore, federated solutions need to be compliant with ADMS-AP v1.0 specifications.

The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a vocabulary to describe interoperability assets making it possible for ICT developers to explore and search for interoperability assets. 

ADMS allows public administrations, businesses, standardisation bodies and academia to:

  • describe semantic assets in a common way so that they can be seamlessly cross-queried and discovered by ICT developers  from a single access point, such as Joinup;

  • search, identify, retrieve, compare semantic assets to be reused avoiding duplication and expensive design work through a single point of access;

  • keep their own system for documenting and storing semantic assets;

  • improve indexing and visibility of their own assets;

  • link semantic assets to one another in cross-border and cross-sector settings.

ADMS revision

The ADMS revision has finished with the publication of version 2.0 of the Asset Description Metadata Schema Application Profile for Joinup (ADMS-AP).

For more information and updates, please refer to:

ADMS Working Group

The ADMS Working Group has the objective to develop and reach consensus on a revision of the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) based on change requests and additional suggestions from ADMS implementers.

The Working Group takes into account implementation experience and practical requirements from implementers in order to solve problems that have been encountered in actual implementations and thereby improve the usefulness of the specification.

The Working Group consists of invited representatives of organisations that have implemented the current specification.

The work is conducted in an open and collaborative way, and decisions are based as much as possible on consensus among the members. Discussions are conducted primarily by electronic means, including virtual meetings and e-mail and supported by an issue tracker.

Information on collaboration

Meeting minutes


Collections of interoperability assets searchable on Joinup

On 3 January 2013, a new version of Joinup was released in production. Together with it, a first wave of federated repositories and semantic assets became searchable through Joinup. >> Read more



Known implementations

Google Refine RDF template for ADMS

OwnerEuropean Commission

Implementation date: April 2012


ADMS-enabled description of a vocabulary implemented in PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1.0


Date: June 2012


ADMS export feature for XRepository

OwnerGerman Federal Ministry of the Interior

Implementation date: June 2012



ADMS-compliant RDF export for W3C Technical Reports
Implementation date: June 2012



Automatic feed to harvest ADMS-compliant descriptions of GS1 in Europe assets
OwnerGS1 in Europe
Implementation date: July 2012




Repository enabling import and export of asset description metadata conformant to the ADMS specification


OwnerEuropean Commission

Implementation date: December 2012



Metadata Registry (MDR) of EU Publications Office: ADMS-compliant RDF export for MDR Named Authority Lists 

Owner: Publications Office of the EU

Implementation date: October 2013


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